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Cross-Country Ski Registration

Open for skiing and snow shoeing everyday this week.   

Please check the website condition report to find out how conditions are before you book. If it is a holiday weekend then booking in advance about a week out is good. A day rental pass and trail ticket includes skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating. As the season goes we have to rely on Mother Nature. Snow and Covid conditions change so please check the condition report. 

COVID operating notes:

Masks (face coverings that cover the nose and mouth) are required whenever you will be indoors or in the near vicinity of the building and at all other times outdoors when you can not consistently maintain 6′ distancing, which includes most of your time in the parking lot.

The Touring Center will use the same limited access as last year.  Please try to limit the amount of time you spend in the building.  Restrooms’ access is through the deck side door. The Rental & Repair Shop access is through the entry door on the right side of Chalet.  Day ticket sales are at the Ticket Window  and only accepts cash. Ticket sales on line are preferred. 

If this page is not working correctly try again. Sometimes the second time through works! Season passes and gift certificates are on sale now!!

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Please note that we are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except holidays. We are also closed on Christmas Day.

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