About Us

Built in 1780, this historic home was once a sheep farm. It was originally named Timberlake Farm because there was a 50 acre lake on the property. In 1927, the dam burst and flooded the town of Becket, destroying many homes and businesses. In 1942, Linda's parents bought the farm and spent most summers renovating it, relaxing, meeting neighbors and planting trees.

Why do we call it the "Farm"? This is a tree farm, forest managed for 80 years. On our 200 acres  one can find a variety of trees, landscape plants, blueberry bushes, a vegetable garden and wild flowers  in abundance.  We vacationed here every summer as I grew up. I knew I wanted to live in the Berkshires as an adult and was lucky to have met my husband Dave who grew up in Dalton.

IMG 3199We were married on the grounds in 1985. Our partnership has taken this once summer home and turned it into a year round recreational and lodging establishment. For the love of cross country skiing, Dave and a few friends cut the trails through the dense woods with Nordic skiing trails specifically in mind.  While Linda and David raised their two children, Bill and Pat, they continued to improve the trail system, bought state of the art grooming equipment, renovated the house and guest rooms, and professionally landscaped the gardens. They are committed to providing personal attention to detail and maintaining the highest standards of quality in all of the services they offer.

Dave is a lifelong piano player and has numerous gigs on the East coast playing different types of music styles. Linda is a lifelong figure skater, judging,coaching and competing across the country. Pat is a bio engineer and Bill is an strength and conditioning coach.   We are passionate about the outdoors and sports and will continue to provide our guests with experiences in recreation and nature. Thank you for visiting  our site and learning what Canterbury Farm is all about.