Trailside Cabin

Trailside CabinTrailside Cabin

View from Trailside CabinThe 14 ft. by 16 ft. cabin is located a 3 minute walk to the lodge. Glamping is short for glamorous camping. A step up from tent camping with comforts, such as a hearty breakfast after a good night sleeping on a queen size mattress on a frame. A short hike to the lodge with a shared bath and shower, grill, fire pit and refrigerator. Take notice that there is no electricity or running water which make it feel like camping.   

Cabin in Winter with Skiers

Please bring your own bedding or sleeping bag and towels. It is about a 3 minute hike/ski from the lodge. We discourage having food, fires, and do not allow cooking at the cabin. You are living among wild animals. Bears, racoons, mice, and moose have been seen in our 200 acres of private woods. All cooking and eating may be done at the lodge. There is no drinking water (we give you a jug), no electricity (one light is provided), and only a rustic outhouse. The shared indoor bathroom at the lodge is for your use with toilet and shower. There is a wood stove and we expect lodgers to have experience with a wood burning stove. We supply the wood.   You can use the grill at the lodge and keep food in a refrigerator. Outdoor fires only in our contained fire pit near the lodge.

Lodging Rates

Cabin Rental is $75 per person per night summer . We no longer rent the cabin  in the winter.